Brooklyn, NY

Brian Felix (b. 1989, Manhattan) is an artist currently based in the Brooklyn. Felix's work is a tapestry that weaves together our digitally-infused existence with the timeless allure of performance magic and the playful subversion of hyper-reality.

At the heart of Felix's work is a fascination with the everyday and the extraordinary. He juxtaposes the grounded imagery of vaquero culture against the urban backdrop, creating a dialogue that speaks to the essence of both worlds. His series, where tumbleweeds meet plastic bags and horses intersect with cars, creates a conversation between the traditional and the modern.

Felix's photography captures moments steeped in personal significance yet resonating with universal themes. Through his lens, family, relationships, and the complex tapestry of self-perception are explored with a candid intimacy.

A defining feature of Felix's artistic practice is magic and practical jokes, inviting the viewer to question the nature of reality and the artifice of the art industry itself. The seams of his work are left exposed, not just as a nod to the process but as a metaphor for the illusion and revelation inherent in magic and humor.

Felix's work is a testament to the ever-evolving narrative of our time, invites us to embrace the magic in the mundane and find joy in the unexpected twists of life.


  • 2008 Degree in Automotive Engineering, Universal Technical Institute
  • 2013 AA Cinema Studies, Bergen Community College
  • The Internet