Brooklyn, NY

What I'm doing now

Building objects from code and car parts

I am currently engaged in various artistic projects that blend obsolete and cutting-edge technology to create works that explore the human experience and the following subject matter:

  • Simulacra: Delving into the philosophical concept of representations and reality through mixed media.
  • Practical Jokes & Magic: Highlighting the idea that sometimes things aren't as they seem, embracing the engimatic nature of life.
  • Web Design as Architecture: Exploring the parallels between digital spaces and physical structures in our modern world.
  • Sculpture: Developing interactive installations and kinetic sculptures that incorporate my mechanical and engineering background.
  • Automotive Anatomy: Drawing parallels between cars and the human body, navigating life's highway. Embracing the concept of humans as constant works in progress, and road construction signs offering insights and guidance along the journey.


See a full list of my commissioned and freelance work on Cobalt's website.